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Logos are considered to be the face of your business. They are often at the forefront of leaving a first impression. Investing in a quality logo design is a key part of building your brand identity.


Just as people learn to put a face to your name, your audience learns your business name and come to recognize your logo as it’s face. Also, just like meeting people for the first time, when you introduce your business to the world you’re going to want to make a good first impression.

Your logo is a means to create an attachment to your potential clients & customers. It should be a memorable mark that is also attractive in all the right ways.


A good logo will represent the industry you’re in, the overall style and personality of your product or service and the quality of what you offer as a business.

It’s very important for a good logo to be three things; simple, appropriate, and distinctive.

Simplicity ensures that your logo is quickly recognizable at any size and easy to reproduce in a variety of applications. (i.e. - signage, embroidery, premium vinyl, rubber stamp, etc).

Using appropriate imagery for your logo makes it easy for your audience to relate it to your business. For example, if you wanted your company to be known for high energy, a fast pace and big fun, it wouldn’t be appropriate to use a gray rock as the focal point of your logo, as it is not energetic nor fun.

Making sure your logo is distinctive ensures that it stands out among your competitors. It also helps to make a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. If it’s too typical or common, it can be easily forgotten or even confused for other similar businesses.

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