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In regards to graphic design, your business identity begins with any identifiable visual asset that is used in advertising, promotions and overall communications. For example, some common items include logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures and rack cards. These items carry a specific look, style and feel that is intended to reflect the personality of your business and it’s products or services.

Some important elements of your identity include colors, typeface, shapes, patterns, and textures. The goal here is to establish a visual presence that is easily recognizable as YOUR company, set apart from others. Also, it should appropriately help direct the type of impression you want to make.


Your Brand, to put it simply, is what your audience has come to feel or believe about your company. That is to say, they will form a majority opinion about your company based on their experiences with your products and services, advertising, promotions and overall identity. Those opinions are basically your brand.

A brand is not entirely driven by your audience. Your team of professionals have the power to make decisions that define your brand goals. If effective, your audience will form opinions as hoped.

Your business identity is the vehicle that carries your brand, in a manner of speaking.

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